After watching young athletes struggle on the field, not addressing injuries until completely sidelined, sports-certified physical therapist Carie McPhail teamed up with Jennifer Brown, a physical therapist with an orthopaedic certification, to address sports injuries in a more preventative way.

Working with all types of athletes and specializing in runners, McPhail and Brown use DorsaVi technology to track deviations in stride, symmetry, and form the eye cannot see to prevent injury down the line. Instead

of being tethered up to a machine in a lab, athletes wear DorsaVi sensors and perform as usual to get the most accurate data.

“The DorsaVi system allows us to meet clients where they train and screen them for any red flags that may set them up for an injury,” says Brown. “Memphis has a great community of endurance athletes that is diverse in experience level. We are able to use the DorsaVi system to find the strengths and weaknesses in clients no matter how seasoned they are.”

From the screenings, McPhail and Brown can suggest a number of measures to keep athletes healthier from simply changing shoes or adding in more strength training to more complex solutions like adjusting stride. McPhail and Brown encourage athletes to be monitored long-term to see how their performance progresses and changes as small tweaks are made. “Our goal is to be a resource for clients to consult with about any small obstacle, hoping that we can prevent it from becoming something larger that derails their training.”

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By Christin Yates. Photos by Philip Murphy.