You’re expecting another article on how to stick to New Year’s resolutions, but this isn’t it. The new year might not change anything for you except your calendar. You will still go for a run even if it’s cold, snowing, or raining because that’s already your routine. If the weather isn’t quite right, you’ll hit the gym since you’ve already made it a habit.

However, not everyone has health and fitness in their blood (yet), and come Jan. 1, many people decide to change that. When they come crowding the sidewalks or make you wait for a treadmill at the gym, this is when the “New You” shows up.

Be that person who encourages instead complains. Don’t be the one who won’t slide their yoga mat over when the room gets a little too crowded. Try not to roll your eyes at the friend who tells you he or she is going to run a 5K soon. Don’t be the person who keeps someone from moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

Instead, be an encourager! Use the experience and knowledge you’ve gained to benefit others. Point them towards training groups, trails, or Greenlines to help them be successful. Send them to the local running store to get fitted with the right shoes. Being the expert, use all those miles and training plans for the greater good by helping someone get off on the right foot.

If you’re annoyed at having to wait a little longer for a treadmill, turn that feeling into gratitude. Appreciate that more people in your community are trying to be active. If you recognize a new face at the gym, smile and say hi. Everyone comes from a different background and has to start somewhere. One mile is harder for a beginner than 10 are for a seasoned runner. We’re all seeking “better” not “perfect” when it comes to an active lifestyle. Help someone else continue in a forward direction.

Living healthier is a marathon and not a sprint. We all face setbacks, but be there to encourage. Remind those around you that that tomorrow is another day to work towards better health.

“New Year, New You” may not mean you run more miles, eat healthier, or go to the gym more often in 2018. However, it could mean you’re supporting someone else to do so. You never know… you might just get another running buddy.

Do you have questions about getting started or finding a plan to work for you? Stop in and talk to anyone on our staff. We’ll be happy to help!

Rachel Randall is the go-to girl for all marketing, media, and events at Fleet Feet Sports. She has run more marathons that she can count, including the 2017 NYC marathon in November.