Acupuncture without the needles — yep, it’s a thing. Imagine Laserworks is a Canadian-based franchise carving its way into the MidSouth wellness space thanks to business owner Sonja Redding.

Using bio-electric feedback and photobiomodulation therapy (PBM), the noninvasive, highly effective service assists patients in overcoming addictions such as smoking and substance abuse; assisting with pain and weight management; and alleviating anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

When Maryland-born Sonja was living in Canada, she first heard about Auricular Therapy through her friend of 25 years, Janna Fullerton, who was working in the field.

Invented by French neuroscientist Paul Nogier in the 50s and heavily practiced in Eastern medicine, the modality uses the ear as an acupunctural blueprint for healing various corresponding ailments throughout the body based on specific frequencies.

Auriculotherapy is a popular alternative for those seeking specific mental or physical relief and anyone feeling sluggish and wanting to add a pep in their step. 

Around the time of the pandemic, Sonja — a commercial designer living in Memphis since 2007 — began experiencing health issues, bouncing between doctor referrals and prescription medicines.

“It was a real frustration for me. I started questioning if there was a better way.” 

Reaching out to Janna, Sonja learned how her friend’s work in auricular therapy might be the answer.

“It was sort of a perfect match for me.”

Imagine Laserworks’ machines operate by detecting any imbalances along the 100+ acupuncture points located on the outer ear. It then stimulates those nerve connections to encourage a natural healing response.

“It felt like having a cup of coffee without the cup of coffee,” she says of the energizing, sans-jitters effects she felt after her brain fog treatment.

To reset bodily homeostasis, the machine uses gold and silver points to either increase or decrease positive and negative connections. Detecting high and low-frequency signals, the laser can encourage habit-forming or addiction/dependency-kicking behaviors using endorphin-stimulated neurofeedback.

A 45-60 minute visit to Imagine Laserworks’ conveniently located East Memphis office includes a thorough consultation, assessment, and protocol, in which a tooth-brushed sized device with a slender post is moved along each ear at different points for specific amounts of time.

“If there is something I can do to help even one person start to heal themselves, it makes it worth it.”

Those seeking smoke cessation can expect a slightly longer process that includes supplementation for flushing out nicotine and heavy metals, which boasts an 80% success rate.

Patients should expect to feel the effects within 12-24 hours and find three sessions, often layered with behavioral adjustments, sufficient.

“With all the loneliness that came with the pandemic, I find that everyone can use a little bit of help,” commenting on the increase in patients seeking relief from anxiety, depression, and stress.

“If there is something I can do to help even one person start to heal themselves, it makes it worth it. Knowing that tells me I’m in the right place.”

By Shlomit Ovadia

Photo by Tindall Stephe