Want a new location to relax and reset in downtown Memphis? The brand new Jasper Wellness Spa, opening this month, is here to provide a transformative, de-stressing environment for the Memphis community. 

Antwanette Crutcher, the founder and CEO of Jasper Float Spa, says her goal is to give the Memphis community permission and space to pause and focus on themselves. “With so many remote jobs now, home is no longer a guaranteed sanctuary. I want Jasper to be a sanctuary for Memphis professionals,” Antwanette says. 

As a premier lifestyle wellness spa, Jaspers provides a systematic regimen to help people reach a deeper level of meditation and self-care. One of the most popular services offered by Jasper is reduced environmental stimulation therapy (R.E.S.T.) flotation sessions. During a R.E.S.T session, patrons will enter a zero gravity pod with no external light or sound to enter a state of uninterrupted relaxation. The lack of external stimuli leads to an ultimate meditative state and naturally triggers the brain to rest so that users leave feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of their day. R.E.S.T. sessions are recommended for 30 minutes, and because Jasper utilizes dry flotation pods, the experience is quick and easy, with no need to change clothes or shower afterward. 

In addition to R.E.S.T. pods, Jasper will offer massage therapy, an infrared sauna, and a salt cave. They will also have a lounge, shower, and boutique to offer locally curated natural therapeutics to complement the overall experience. 

Many exciting events and specials are coming soon with Jasper’s Grand Opening — stay up to date by following on Instagram @jasperfloatspa or visit Jasperfloatspa.com and join their newsletter. 

By Zoe Harrison