57; Operations Manager at Victory Bicycle Studio

I LOVE CYCLING: I love that cycling can be so many things, from racing to commuting.

BUCKET LIST: I want to go back to Italy to ride.

UP NEXT: Big Dam Bridge Ride in Little Rock, AR − 100 miles.

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Riding three Consecutive days (124 miles) in the Catskills.

MY GROUP: I’m currently coaching for the Victory Summer Group Ride!

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: Every time I get on the bike, I want to improve.

GO-TO GEAR: I think wider tires have significantly impacted the sport. The extra comfort and stability have been a game-changer.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel

MOST MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: Definitely the first time I rode El Tour De Tuscon. It was 113 miles, and I had never ridden with 3,000 people.

BEST EATS: I love Ecco on Overton Park’s mushroom pasta, and the pastry at Hustle & Dough is fantastic!

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: I would like to have dinner with Patti Smith. I want to thank her for all the art, music, and inspiration she has given me.

PET PEEVE: I hate it when other cyclists don’t wave back.

FAVORITE INDULGENCE: Chocolate chip cookies!

SPEED BUMPS: I have had to come over some pretty bad crashes. I have broken my spine, pelvis, wrist, and ribs. I also had a quick bout of cancer two years ago, which has changed things, but I’m still riding!