Lace up your shoes this fall for Memphis’ first-ever 100-miler race hosted by Mamba Trail Runners, the newest hype group to join the fitness community. 

Created by James Boler, Mamba Trail Runners is a Memphis-based running support group that gets runners excited for upcoming races while sharing and celebrating participant triumphs.

The group, named after the fast-moving Mamba snake, can be distinguished by their cool-toned silver and green logo featuring trees and trails. 

“I run the trails at Shelby Farms all the time, and I knew Memphis needed a 100-mile race,” James comments on the many local runners who travel hours to run the nearest 100 milers in neighboring states. 

On November 3 at 7:00 a.m., the Mamba 100-mile race will circle the Wolf River Trails 14.3 loop starting at Germantown Parkway. November 4, shorter 100k, 50k, and 25k race options will be held.

Currently, the race has accumulated over 130 runners from 20 states, including New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, and North Carolina, and expects at least 200 runners on race day. 

“As race director, I want to know my runners by name and their backgrounds before they run the race. We have numerous first-time 100-milers running the Mamba 100-miler.”

James has completed four 100-milers and is training for the Cowboy 200 in three months.

“I created the group and race to unite runners of all backgrounds and locations. Memphis is beautiful, the trails here are amazing, and I want to bring people in from other states to show them how beautiful our city and parks are.”

Thinking ahead, James is already working on developing new races for 2024. 

To join their 400+ member nationwide, private Facebook group, search Mamba Trail Runners. 

The group regularly provides insight and information, serving as a communal event board.

James likes to share bios and photos of each new runner who joins the group, so they can feel welcome and empowered by the other runners. 

While Mamba’s first race is based in Memphis, James hopes to eventually create races in other parts of the country. 

All registered runners are entered into a cash giveaway totaling $1,500, distributed among five lucky winners in the amounts of $700, $400, $200, $100, and $100, with other surprise raffle drawings to be announced. 

Chicago-based, professional ultra running photographer Jenny Thorsen, whose photos have been featured in several magazines, will be in attendance to capture your best running moments. 

To register:

By Shlomit Ovadia