When the going gets tough, hardly anyone has the time to sit quietly for 90 minutes to de-stress. But everyone can take the time to do what they do countless times each and every day: take a breath.

Author and creator of the book One Breath Meditation, Damien Rider has been internationally recognized for his triumphs over adversity throughout his life. A multiple world record-breaking ultra-endurance athlete, mindset specialist, documentary executive producer, and high-achieving entrepreneur, Damien has purposely put himself through physical, mental, and emotional stress and trauma over many years in order to develop the tools to keep moving forward.

After traveling the world perfecting his work, Damien is sharing his methods so that everyone can learn the art of staying calm, staying composed, and moving forward with just one breath.

One Breath Meditation helps readers persevere through the direst adversities, one breath at a time. 

The book is available on Amazon and in Barnes & Noble and other bookstores nationwide. Advance review copies are available upon request. For more information, visit Austinmacauley.com/us.

About Author: Imagine paddling solo for 50 miles in 17 days during the most shark-infested summer Australia has ever seen, skateboarding 2,500 miles for 56 days along the length of Route 66 through the scorching Mojave Desert, and pushing a three-ton pick-up truck 17 miles when everyone said it was impossible. As an international endurance and world record-breaking athlete, this is a part of Damien Rider’s daily life.