55; Flight Dispatcher at FedEx 

I LOVE RUNNING: Whether I run, walk, or hike, I get this overall well-being feeling. The pain that feels “so good” reminds me to stay committed and meet my goals. Exercise is my therapy to help with daily life stress and challenges, and it helps me stay strong, focused, energetic, and happy. 

Running gives me freedom and flexibility. I can do it anytime, anywhere, alone, in a group, or virtually, as little or as much as I need, and I still feel the benefit. 

BUCKET LIST: Hike the Appalachian trails. 

UP NEXT: Conquer the Cave 5k in Alabama, Rock and Rock, San Antonio 10k, and Rock and Rock, Las Vegas Half. 

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: I hiked the Grand Canyon and started on the South Kaibab trail down to the Colorado River and up via the Bright Angel trail. It took me 9 hours. 


HOMETOWN: Cordova 

MY GROUP: I was an occasional runner until I set a goal in 2012 to run as many races as possible. I joined the MRTC team and did Wednesday night, weekend, and coffee runs. I hit every race in town. In 2014, I joined the Fusion Fitness Women Bootcamp (Bartlett) to build strength and work on my speed. I then got addicted to more races, and I have not stopped. 

FAVORITE JAMS: I like the Sirius XM “ Chill” channel. 

RECENT RACES: At the Las Vegas Rock and Roll series, I placed 102nd out of 2507 by gender and have attended since 2016. In Champaign, Illinois, at the Christie Clinic, I placed 129th out of 1791 by gender. And the Illinois Pace and Pedal Perimeter Challenge, a virtual race and team of four, I placed 12th out of 37 to complete 1286 miles. 

MOST MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: I ran several half marathons over the years and enjoyed each one. But as I turned 50, I wanted to run a half that I would remember forever. I ran it in Zion National Park, Utah. The course was at an 8,000-foot elevation with climbs that seemed to never end. But the scenery was beautiful, and it was a major challenge and an amazing memory! 

BEST EATS: J. Alexander’s and the prime rib with haricots verts! 

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She led the fight in the courts for gender equality. When she began her legal crusade, women were treated, by law, differently from men. 

GO-TO GEAR: Lululemon and Saucony Endorphin Speed 

FAV INDULGENCE: Ice cream with lots of fudge. 

QUOTE: “Sign up and run it! Rain or shine; it’s not about speed anymore, just keep moving!” – Unknown 

Photo by Tindall Stephens