A devoted husband and father of three, Brevin Knight, 46, is a beloved figure in the Memphis basketball scene. A former Memphis Grizzlies guard who has been a color commentator for the team on Bally Sports Southeast for the last 12 years, Brevin is, in his own words, enjoying “[his] dream post-NBA career.” Despite the demands of his career and his devotion to his family, Brevin still prioritizes his fitness and ensures he stays active.

NBA and Memphis Grizzlies early days

A New Jersey native who always had a passion for basketball, Brevin began his professional basketball career in 1997 when drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Throughout his 12-year tenure in the NBA, he played for nine different teams.

Most notably, as far as readers of this publication are concerned, Brevin played for the Memphis Grizzlies from 2001 to 2005 and was part of their inaugural season.

Brevin describes his first few seasons as a Grizzlies player as tough. “Everyone was so focused on U of M basketball at the time,”

Brevin recalls. “We had to work to impress people on and off the court.” However, Brevin maintains that he knew from the beginning that it was a great opportunity and knew what the team could be.

As any Memphian and Grizzlies fan knows, that initial reluctance about Memphis’ own NBA team in 2001 has long faded. The fanfare and hype surrounding the Grizzlies have risen to new levels during the playoffs, and for someone like Brevin, who has always believed in the team’s potential, “it’s been amazing to see how far they’ve come.”

Making time to stay active

After retiring from the NBA in 2009 at 32, Brevin jumped right into his commentating career. However, he has always stayed active and has made a point to prioritize his fitness even more as he’s gotten older. In addition, he describes his family as pretty active: his wife plays tennis regularly, his son plays basketball, and they all enjoy going on walks as a family.

Brevin’s primary exercise comes from his passion for golf, which keeps him on his feet and gets his steps in. He golfs at TPC Southwind a few times a week with his golf buddy.

However, a successful golfer needs to stay limber, which has gotten harder with age. That’s where the secret to Brevin’s success comes in: Stretch Zone.

Staying limber at Stretch Zone

Brevin has always struggled with flexibility and would often suffer from hip and hamstring pain after an intense round of golf. However, once he discovered Stretch Zone, he realized how beneficial assisted stretching is for his overall wellness and physical fitness.

“I started going to Stretch Zone about six months ago, but it’s already made a huge difference,” Brevin proclaims. “It’s allowed me to feel better and stay limber for golf.”

At Stretch Zone, Brevin enjoys a 30-minute session where an expert stretch practitioner stretches any specific part of his body that’s hurting, improving his overall flexibility and mobility.

“I’ve got to keep my old bones limber,” Brevin laughs. “They took a beating playing basketball all those years.”

Building his dream career

Now, in his career as a color commentator calling the games for the Grizzlies, Brevin has had a unique opportunity to see a team that he was part of in the early days enjoy massive success.

“It’s been a magical season for a team this young,” Brevin proclaims. “My favorite part of my career is the opportunity to be close to the NBA action while watching the team grow – it’s such a change from how they used to play.” He especially loves watching Ja Morant in all of his greatness up close and personal.

“To experience this season the way I have… it’s nothing short of the best time of my career,” he says.

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By Lucy Modzelewski
Photo by Tindall Stephens