The Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center is celebrating a major milestone in 2023, marking 10 years for the community center, which has served thousands of residents in the heart of Memphis. From the time the doors of the facility opened at 800 E. East Pkwy S. on February 23, 2013, the Kroc Community Center was a place where people could be active, all could find belonging, and where they could strive to achieve personal growth. And 2.6 million building entries, and 10 years later, the Kroc Community Center and its members are thriving! 

In honor of the Kroc Community Center’s 10th anniversary, there will be several opportunities for Memphians to get involved over the next year: 

  • January 1-31: The $50 registration fee will be waived for all new members; January is the time to join! 
  • February 23: The Mighty Lights on the river will shine Red & White, commemorating 10 years of the Kroc Community Center 
  • February 25: Free community event showcasing the facility and services, such as fine arts, education, recreation, and worship opportunities. 
  • More opportunities to celebrate will be announced throughout the year! 

The Kroc Community Center will also be promoting a new, 10-year anniversary brand campaign with the slogan, “Memphis Thrives Here”. The new slogan expands upon the words that so many members have seen on the walls every time they enter the facility, “You Belong Here”. Officers and employees at the Kroc Community Center are excited to continue being a place where Memphians belong and thrive! Because of the solid foundation built a decade ago, the Kroc Community Center remains poised to reach more milestones in the future. 

About The Kroc Community Center: The 100,000 sq. ft. Kroc Community Center located at Liberty Park has a fitness center, basketball court, indoor turf court, outdoor rec fields, aquatics center, youth development center, theater, rental hall, church, art gallery, classrooms, and coffee bar that offers group fitness, camps, after school care, child watch, swim lessons, sports training, youth and adult leagues, personal training, and much, much more. Check it out at