McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health 360 proves to women that you can have your cake and eat it, too. The integrative gynecology office is on a mission to improve longevity and extend quality of life, and they are not shy about bringing patients into the conversation.

Business superwoman and MMCWH Co-founder Dr. Susan G. Murrmann explains how, it was during her time as President of the American Heart Association when she first discovered the need to involve gynecologists in recognizing heart disease in women, instead of allowing it to be written off as anxiety.

After doing a fellowship in functional medicine and anti-aging, Susan began seeing how a more 360 approach that involved comprehensive health testing was needed. Gynecologists are the number one doctor women see which puts them at the forefront of care. They have the unique opportunity to recognize issues and steer people in the right direction.

OBGYNs are more than just a pap smear and pelvic exam; now, they can look at blood work, thyroid, hormone replacement, weight loss, nutrition, and anything that improves women’s quality of life.

Her whole-system integrative approach to health looks at all systems, influences, and imbalances that might contribute to overall gynecological health. She finds that involving women in the discussion enables them to participate in their own health and choose which solutions best fit their needs.

The idea is to treat preventively instead of reactively so that patients are not fated to predisposed circumstances. Generally in medicine, conditions are not pre-diagnosed or pre-treated to get women on the right track. Susan aims to change this through her practice.

Integration of Services

Hormone balancing is about quality of life, and so MMCWH360’s comprehensive blood work panels address those slight discrepancies that often get written off by other doctors. Using individualized treatment plans with pellets (a bio-identical way of replacing hormones) Susan’s work changes health outlooks. Susan’s work empowers women by restoring their prior quality of life and gives them the option to keep it going for as long as they want.

Another form of bio-hacking is done with peptides. These are naturally-occurring short chain amino acids, which stimulate the normal functions in the body that decrease with age, or have lost optimal function—such as bone healing, satiety and fullness cues, and growth hormone. When these modalities are combined with healthy habit coaching, patients are able to enjoy growing older.

Quality of physical activity and sexual life does not need to stop with older age. Hormones, topical creams, and low-risk genital procedures can play a large role in that.

Aesthetics matter. Susan believes that when patients like what they see externally, they are more likely to take better care of their internal health. For this reason, her office also offers aesthetic gynecology such as labiaplasty, rejuvenation procedures, Botox, weight-loss supplements, and other services, so that women can look and feel their best.

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By Shlomit Ovadia