41, Delta Life Fitness Germantown

FAV WAY TO WORKOUT: Running is my favorite. I love how it makes you feel physically and mentally, it’s a workout that requires little equipment, and you can do it anywhere and in just about any weather.

BIGGEST FITNESS MYTH: Workouts must be super intense to be effective. Even for the highest-level athletes, most of their work is done at submaximal intensity levels. Keep showing up every day, but you don’t have to destroy yourself in a workout. Just do something.

BIGGEST NUTRITION MYTH: That carbs and fat are bad. Both are essential components of a healthy body.

MY WORKOUT: I enjoy getting up early and running up to eight miles daily. I try to run 20-25 miles a week. On my lighter running days, I’ll incorporate cross-training, including weights, or I’ll take one of our 30-minute HIIT classes.

FAVORITE EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell or weighted battle ropes.

ALWAYS IN MY GYM BAG: I always have a banana, protein shake, and dry shampoo.

MY FITNESS IDOL: Not my idol, but I genuinely admire my husband and his constant mental push. Once he sets his mind to a goal, he is relentless.

MY DREAM WORKOUT PARTNER: My family loves to watch the CrossFit games. Tia Toomey is a beast. I would love to witness her daily workout routine.

MY DIET: A diet that’s common sense – protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy carbs. A diet that matches consumption with output and that you can maintain daily. Portion control is also a method that works for me.

MY MOTIVATION: My family and the amazing ladies at Delta Life.

SETBACKS: A challenge I’ve met in life is constantly being forced to face change. My husband was in the military, and we moved seven times. I was raising kids alone while my husband was deployed. It was hard, but it forced me out of my comfort zone, and the strength that came from those hard times is valuable to who I am now.

MY GOALS FOR THE YEAR: I want to run over 1,000 miles and train for a 50K.

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Photo by Tindall Stephens