This rainy Memphis winter may have knocked you off course in your wellness journey. Studies show that a lack of sunshine can not only zap your motivation to exercise and be productive, but it can also negatively affect your mood and health. However, spring is now right around the corner!

It’s the perfect transitional season to make plans, set goals, and propel yourself into action with a renewed sense of energy and focus. Here are a few of my favorite things about spring for your physical health that also reinvigorate your mental and emotional wellness. 

Soak Up the Sunshine

Decreased levels of vitamin D can weaken your bones and immune systems, which wreaks havoc on your moods and muscle function. Although you might lose a little sleep during daylight savings time (March 8), it means you have more exposure to sunlight, which naturally boosts overall health. 

Warmer weather is a perfect excuse to get outside. Even gym rats cannot deny that running, walking, or biking outside is incredibly refreshing and good for the soul. Every spring, I look forward to running, walking, and even just finding a quiet spot to read and reflect at Shelby Farms. Memphians are so lucky to have such beautiful parks where the whole family (pets included) can chase away the winter blues and have fun in the sun.

Spring Clean Your Nutrition 

If your fridge is not sparking joy, make like Marie Kondo and clear out the foods that are zapping your energy and causing weight gain. Replace them with fresh, local, in-season produce. Hit up a farmers market and load up on foods that make you (and your wallet) feel good. Spring is also the best time to find a patio and explore the healthy and tasty cuisine in town.

Refresh Your Workout

After a long winter of working out inside, it’s time to change up your routine. Spring means ample opportunities to reignite your fitness regimen. It’s the perfect time to start training for a 5K or half marathon—or even just start running with your friends. Memphis offers rope courses, climbing walls, and gorgeous trails to bike and explore. The choices are endless!

Set New Goals

This is the season of renewal. It is never too late (and you are never too old) to start something new, or even start over. Spring is a great time to take stock of what is making you happy and, more importantly, what isn’t. Be kind not only to others, but also to yourself. Be creative. Be committed. And most importantly…have fun!

Mary-Marsha Riley is a certified personal trainer, attorney, and pageant coach. For more information visit