39, Pre-Sale Engineer at Extreme Networks, Volunteer middle school cross-country coach

Multi-Sport: I used to be a regular at Breakaway’s Midtown run, but not since COVID. I meet a group of friends to climb every week, and I run with the middle school kids I coach in cross-country.

Fave Fitness Accomplishment: I’m proud of my 3:17 time at the 2019 St. Jude Marathon, even though it wasn’t what I wanted (never is).

I <3 Running: I love being outside and pushing myself. It gives me a bit of zen, and it keeps me healthy.

Starting Line: When I started my fitness journey, I was 220 pounds and couldn’t do 10 pushups. I would sit on my couch playing video games and drank only soda for my hydration. I started in martial arts and through that started running.

Speed Bumps: I’ve had stress fractures in my tibula, fibula, and femur, compartments syndrome, achilleas tendonitis, and a myriad of other pains and strains. Those are just the ones that stopped me from running! Most of these occurred doing 50–55 miles/week. On the advice of my friend, Max Paquette, I focused on my form and slowly increasing my cadence until it was above 167. I was able to run 60 and 70 mile weeks in my last marathon build without injury. 

Bucket List: I want to climb the east buttress of Mt. Whitney, qualify for and run the Boston Marathon, and run the Rim-to-Rim hike at the Grand Canyon.

Fave Gear: I normally go online to the Brooks website and look for the ugliest color of my chosen shoe, then call Breakaway Running and have them order it for me. If you see a guy in the park with camo, tie-dye, or flannel Brooks—that’s me.

Dinner With Anyone Famous: Nickoli Tesla—I would love to know more about all of his ideas that we have deemed far fetched.

Spirit Animal: The lizard. Not sure why, but they seem to be around me all the time. Or I just seem to be the one to notice if they are around.

Interview by Laurenne Hom. Photo by Tindall Stephens.