33, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Rhodes College

Team Player: I mainly run with my friends; we call it the girl gang. I recently started coaching a running group called On Pace (@onpace_training_group), which meets Tuesday nights leading up to our 5K this month. I love doing these race distance-specific groups to help people take the next step towards their running goals. I normally lead the Rhodes Running Club when school is in person.

Bragging Rights: My last (in person) even was the Germantown Half Marathon in March. I finished 2nd place in 1:27:49.

Next Challenge: Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving day, the St. Jude Virtual Half Marathon in December, and the Mississippi River Marathon in February.

Most Memorable Race: The one that made me the most proud was running a personal best at the New York City Marathon in 2019 (3:11:42).

I <3 Running: I love it because you can zone out and enjoy being outside, or you can challenge yourself in a hard workout and be focused on every stride. You can run alone or with buddies, for just a few miles at a time or for hours.

Side Hustle: I coach CrossFit classes at the Start2Finish Performance Lab.

Go-To Gear: I’m definitely a Lululemon loyalist for shorts, sports bras, and leggings.

Training Secret: I do enjoyed a dry needling session every once in a while from Dr. Brad Cole to help loosen my tight calves and Achilles. I’m also coached by Lauren Paquette (Elite Sports Performance).

Fitness Pet Peeve: Drivers who don’t stop for the pedestrian street crossings on the Greenline.

Indulgence: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream pints have their own drawer in my freezer.

Interview by Laurenne Hom. Photo by Tindall Stephens.