Owner/Director of Training at Energy Fitness Personal Training Studio

Family: Husband-Mark, two sons-Laken (12) and Oliver (8)

I have ADD when it comes to exercise, so I lift weights, run, cycle, swim, kayak, row, and golf.

I started lifting weights in 7th grade and started running cross country in 8th. I continued running as a collegiate athlete and branched out to other sports as I got older.

My typical weekly workout (when not training for a race):

  • Day 1: Run with a total of 2 miles sprints or hills, 10 minutes cardio machine, 5 min stretch and/or massage, then weights.
  • Day 2: Swim 1 mile of mixed strokes.
  • Day 3: Run 3 miles, stretch 10 minutes.
  • Day 4:  Heavy weights starting with legs/upper body with superset exercises for 2-3 sets. Usually go for 8-12 reps and 20-50 reps for resistance band work.
  • Day 5: Run 6 miles or bike 60-75 minutes, then kayak or golf 9 holes.
  • Day 6: Pick the other one from day 5.
  • Day 7: REST

I have to force myself to work the inner thigh. It’s my weakest muscle, but it helps align the hips for a proper running gait and prevents injury.

The staggered cable chop squat is my favorite move because it works the upper and lower body and core. It complements kayaking and my golf game.

My fitness role model is Jack Lalane, who is a fitness, exercise, and nutrition expert (also known as the ‘Godfather of fitness’). He invented a number of exercise machines, including the pulley, leg extension, and Smith machine. He also was one of the first to open a fitness gym and promote regular exercise, a good diet, and how they harmonize together.

I was born with flat feet. As a child, I had to wear leg braces and slept with shoes that had a bar attached. I was teased horribly for the corrective shoes I had to wear. Without my mom making me wear them, I may not have been such a fast runner!

My advice to newbies: Ask yourself, ‘When am I going to workout tomorrow?’ Put your workout clothes out the night before. Don’t go more than 2 days without exercising. There will be lots of days you don’t feel like exercising or eating healthy, but do it anyway. Write down your exercise plan so you will stick with it. Willpower is exhausting. Be accountable to yourself.

Once a month I indulge and eat 3 donuts in one sitting. Weekly, I carb load with Bakery on Main gluten-free granola. I love dairy-free chocolate chips. Air popped popcorn with dairy-free butter is amazing.

People would be surprised to know I love to study rocks and crystals and utilize their healing powers. I am also working on getting my Reiki certifications.

Photo by Tindall Stephens

Compiled by Amy Goode