39, Municipal Planner for Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability and Resilience

Virtual Athlete: Mymost recent virtual event was the Zion 50K, which turned into a Tour-de-Memphis 50K in mid-April. Banff Marathon is in mid-June, racing here locally as well. Memphis in May Triathlons are now virtual, so will complete those in May, too.  Also rode in the 901 virtual weekly rides—40, 50, 60, and 70 miles. 

Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: Making fitness integrated into my world full time—even off season. Always shifting the focus but keeping it as part of the everyday world.

The New Normal: Less travel! Other than that, still rolling on things given I had events coming up and wanted to maintain/improve moving into the race season. I’ve worked with my amazing coach, Kirsten Schwartz, and tried to identify how we can still work on some events we had planned while keeping the Memphis 70.3 in sight for peaking in the fall.

 I <3 Tri’s: The meditative time training. I trained so much completely solo while living in Texas that it was so therapeutic to ride long, run long on the beach, and swim through the harbor (or in the pool). It is also refreshing to build camaraderie here with the Terrapin Racing team that I am a part, and build supportive relationships with the training community.

Fitness Drive: The co-benefits of mental health, time in nature, trail exploration with my dog Fin, community building, and the ability to see my progress in races, fitness levels, and pacing.

Inspiration: I am constantly inspired by those who tackle tough stuff, navigate the good with optimism and kindness, and just work to make the world a better place.

Go-to Curbside: I haven’t eaten out much at all! Having delivery from Wiseacre has been fun, though. 

Indulgence: That cold brew post-ride or run!

Spirit Animal: Probably Fin, my dog, who is basically a neurotic Vizsla that likes to run as much as I do.