73, Retired Psychologist with Associates in Psychology and Psychiatry. Part-time Psychologist at Lakeside and Methodist hospitals and at Compass Intervention Center.

Bragging Rights: I grew up playing football (running back) at Messick High School and the University of Virginia. Running has always been a part of my life, especially as a way to manage stress. 

After running a number of 5Ks and a half marathon or two, I ran my first marathon in Nashville in 2008 at 61 years old. In the next two years, I ran the St. Jude Marathon and the St. Louis Marathon. Since that time, the races have been half marathons or 5Ks.

Most Memorable Run: A memorable race was the 2008 Gibson 5K. My daughter, Amy Serino Moffatt, and I earned second place in the father/daughter division.  

The Joy of Running: I really love running out in the fresh air. Doing so allows me to clear my thoughts and listen to music or an Italian immersion audio. I have Elvis, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, and Lady Antebellum albums on my iPhone.  

Go-To Curbside: Bogies Deli. I really enjoyed a Lox Bagel and my wife Linda thought the Bacon, Egg and Cheese was delicious.

Indulgence: In the last 10 years or so, I have enjoyed drinking red wine, especially Italian wines. We took a family trip to Italy in 2018 and found the little town of Serino not far from the Amalfi Coast. Running in the countryside and enjoying a glass (or two) of wine with dinner was really wonderful.  

Passion: Besides fitness, I am a real advocate of my religious faith and my cognitive psychology. I believe that how a person thinks about things is a primary factor in how they feel.