Katie Taylor

Runner, 27, Private Running Coach, Wife & Mother


I run for the Breakaway Race Team. I ran the Bell Ringer 50K (1st female and course record); Swamp Stomper 50K (1st female); Georgia Jewel 17-miler (1st female and course record).


Last June I drove back to Memphis from Knoxville with a cranky toddler in the back seat to run the Bud Mile held at Rhodes. I had zero expectations and my legs felt heavy from being in the car all day, but I was excited to just be around friends at a fun event. I ended up having a fantastic race, winning and snagging an all-time personal best in the 1-mile (5:14). You never know what your body and mind will give you! That day I learned to just show up and always give it my best.


I love running for the friendships I’ve made. Most of my best friends are running buddies!


Carrying and delivering a baby definitely had their empowering moments as well as struggles. It’s amazing what the female body can endure and do to support another life. I essentially did not run for an entire year. Despite this break, I came back stronger and more motivated. I’m faster than I ever was pre-pregnancy. It took about a year before I started feeling back to myself again, and then the PRs came out of nowhere, and they are still coming!


I love City Silo for its flavorful and healthy dishes. I devour the tempeh 4 sandwich as well as the kombucha. For a nice date night, Bounty on Broad is our favorite. The chicken wings and Brussels sprouts are a must! 


I am the person who has four books stacked on her nightstand at any given time. “Joyful toddlers and preschoolers,” the book of “Romans,” “Mind Gym,” and “Present over Perfect.” 


I have a major sweet tooth! I never drink my coffee black, nor will I give up sweets. Life is too short. 


Don’t make a decision on a hill. This doesn’t just apply to running. Don’t make a big decision during a hard or emotional time. Wait until you reach the top of the hill and crest over it, and if you’re still set on quitting the race or slowing way down, leaving your job, whatever it is, then go through with it. Most of the time when you reach the top of the hill, you wouldn’t dare quit.