52, Senior IT Lead for Hilton Hotels

I did triathlons for a year in 2006 then stopped until I started again in 2015. I honestly don’t keep a tally, but I’ve completed distances between full IRONMAN down to super sprints. 

I’ve been running and cycling my entire life. In running I’ve completed distances between a marathon and 5Ks. For cycling, my favorite distance is a metric century.

My last duathlon was the Atomic Man in Lenoir City in October 2019. So hilly! I PR’d but didn’t place in the top three. Close, but no cigar. Very recently ran the Crosstown 10K.  

The Bluff City Blues every October is my favorite event. It’s the crescendo to months of training with the Bluff City Training Team and becomes a celebration of what a single person, as well as a team, can do when you focus and work hard.

The Memphis Hightailers, the Bluff City Training Team, and the Memphis Thunder Triathlon racing team are like extended family to me. Secondly, I enjoy the fitness and health part. It’s really great being able to run circles around your children!  

I absolutely adore being outdoors, and being active keeps me healthy and happy. 

Locally, my inspirations are world class athletes like Dale Sanford, Lesley Brainard, and Kirsten Sass. I also draw inspiration from my friends that train and compete and try to balance their athletic/work/family life as I do. 

I will be racing Memphis in May Amateur Challenge (my first time with two races in one weekend), Duathlon Nationals, Manteno Duathlon, Memphis Half IRONMAN, Chattanooga 4 Bridges Half Marathon, and of course, the Bluff City Blues Century.

In 2009, I could barely walk after a small mountain bike accident, so training was out of the question. It took over a year to diagnose the issue (bone fragments in one of the joints of the foot), complete surgery, and finish a long recovery. It was heartbreaking for me not be active, and I really wondered if I’d ever be able to run or bike again.

I have the travel/adventure bug; so far my favorite destinations are Arizona and East Tennessee.

I don’t eat out a lot, but when I do it’s City Silo. LOVE their Hippie Scramble and Veggie Love juice.  

I always splurge on a good bike helmet. And one beer on Friday nights.

The wolf is my spirit animal. I really enjoy some solitude, quietness, nature, and self-reliance—but also love and depend on my pack.

After my foot surgery, my mantra became, “Don’t ever give up.”