56; Plastic Surgeon at The Langsdon Clinic

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: The desire to maximize my productive life.

I LOVE CYCLING: I like that you can go fast easily and the rapid endorphin rush. It’s doable outdoors, even when it’s cold, and you can carry lots of water and snacks. It’s low impact, which makes it easy on the back and knees. Best of all, it suits my compulsive/ eccentric/nerdy component, and there’s cool gear!

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Chatanooga 3-State/3-Mountain 2012. One hundred miles, 7500 vertical feet of climbing. I learned how to ride uphill/steep. Included Burkhalter Gap at mile 88, finishing at a 15% gradient for 200m. I remember telling myself repeatedly, “Don’t Stop Pedaling.”

RECENT RACES: 1-2 Centuries yearly since 2012.

SPEED BUMPS: Having a lumbar herniated disc and right rotator cuff tear, I’ve cruelly been taught how to stay within my physical limits.

GO-TO GEAR: Cervelo R3

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: I’d like to have dinner with “The Edge” (David Howell Evans). I’d like to get pointers on composing songs and melodies and hopefully see his guitar collection.

FAVORITE JAMS: I like “Cherub Rock” by The Smashing Pumpkins, “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy, “South Side” by Moby, Ultra Violet (Light My Way) by U2, and anything by AC/DC.

MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: I was a finisher at the Liz Lavelle Circuit in 2012. I learned that I would never be a racer. I also did the Harpeth River in 2014. It was 104 rolling miles at 98F – it was difficult and miserable.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan

MY FAV INDULGENCE: Post-ride, I enjoy Blue Moon with two orange slices and Mapo Tofu with a large bowl of rice.

BUCKET LIST: I’d like to return to Alpe d’Huez, French Alps, on a bike this time.

Photo by Tindall Stephens