While the world has adjusted to COVID-19 threats and concerns, the need for exercise has remained constant. With the help of Exercise Unlimited, many Memphians have fulfilled their fitness goals safely and comfortably with home gyms.

In addition to COVID-19 and high inflation rates, common difficulties like motivation and privacy still deter many people from meeting their body’s needs. But Danny Snyder, owner of Exercise Unlimited, has been determined to solve those problems with at-home equipment and installation assistance.

“A home gym keeps you from being exposed to COVID. You can also get a personal trainer through apps built specifically for your home gym,” Snyder said. “I enjoy helping find exactly what people want and what they need to treat their bodies how they should.”

Located at 387 S. Front Street in downtown Memphis, the public has been welcomed to walk in or schedule an appointment to find precisely what they need to create the perfect home gym. While the vast selection may appear daunting to first-time visitors, Snyder has made the home gym-building process simple.

Ideally, a 15’ by 20’ room should be allotted for equipment but a smaller room could easily be transformed into a gym. Once a space has been decided, Snyder recommended focusing on the two primary categories of exercise: strength and cardio.

“The reason I love doing this is that it can be for everybody,” Snyder said. “You can do it with a big or small budget and with a big or small space. You can cater it specifically to what would help you feel your best.”

Treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, vertical climbers, and stepmills are the most ideal tools to fulfill cardio workouts. Snyder recommended using a treadmill and two other cardio tools in a home gym, but using just two pieces of equipment could fulfill cardio goals.

Snyder said cardio and strength exercises work as a team and the first step to strength-building is a quality flat/incline/decline (FID) bench with a rack system. Snyder suggested using one or two other tools to accompany the bench, whether it be dumbbells, a power rack, squat rack, or a functional trainer.

“The first thing I ask people who walk through the door is how much they’re wanting to spend and if there’s anything, in particular, they want to work on,” Snyder said. “Whether it’s knee issues, back issues, or anything else, that’s how we determine what’s right for them.”

Flooring is also an important element of the project. Gym-safe flooring can be found at Exercise Unlimited, which boasts a 5,000 square foot showroom and a 25,000 square foot warehouse filled with options to fit a specific plan.

Exercise Unlimited’s staff can help create a home gym plan and install the equipment for customers. Used equipment, like-new equipment, and trade-in deals offered by Exercise Unlimited could help anyone wanting a new workout experience to find something they are comfortable with.

“I work with all kinds of people. Some people have no budget concerns and some have a tight budget. But I always know we have something for them,” Snyder said. “Even if you get off work after our regular hours, I’m always happy to stay and show you around.”

For more information on building a home gym, visit Exerciseunlimited.com or call 901.335.6993.

By Blake Fussell
Photo by Dan Kerlow