Many prefer to exercise on their own, but few complete their fitness journey without help from friends and family. We all need a strong support system to guide us through the rough times and help us reach our goals. That’s why working out with a partner can have such a positive effect on gains.

Here are five ways training with a partner can accelerate your progress.

1.     Eases Your Anxiety

A sense of relief is the most immediate benefit you will experience from exercising with a partner. It’s a simple fact that most people experience gym anxiety when starting their fitness journeys or training in a different gym for the first time. Rather than dealing with your anxiety alone, you can bring a friend to help you navigate the new environment.

The same principle applies to any unfamiliar workout setting. If you’re cycling or jogging through the neighborhood for the first time, having a partner will ease your concerns about exercising in public. If you signed up for a group fitness class, bringing a friend will relieve your feelings of isolation.

Evidence clearly shows that people feel more comfortable and confident while exercising when a trusted companion is by their side. A 2017 study on the effectiveness of group fitness classes found that participants had a 26.2% reduction in perceived stress levels compared to those who exercised by themselves.

2.     Holds You Accountable

Working out with a partner is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable, both in the short and long term. In the short term, they will provide you with motivation during each training session and push you through difficult exercises. In the long term, they will make sure you stick with your program and don’t fall back on bad diet and exercise habits.

There is strong evidence to support the idea of group accountability in a fitness environment. Studies have found that individuals who started a weight loss program with at least three friends or family members completed the program, and 66% maintained their weight loss after the program concluded.

Whenever you feel like giving up or skipping the day’s workout, your partner will be there to hold you accountable. Nobody feels like working out every day, not even the most passionate fitness enthusiasts. You will be thankful for having a workout partner on those days when you’re not mentally or physically feeling 100%.

3.     Gives You a Fresh Perspective

Working out with a partner can also lead to more gains by giving you a fresh perspective on fitness. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to training style and exercise selection. While there’s nothing wrong with having personal taste, your own biases can sometimes hinder your progress.

A workout partner can provide unbiased, detached observations about your training methods. They can help you adjust your technique or make new exercise recommendations based on their own experiences. Everyone should have some flexibility in their workout plans as their priorities change and they gather new information.

4.     Keeps You From Getting Bored

Motivation ebbs and flows on everyone’s fitness journey, and boredom is one of the main reasons. Sometimes your daily routine starts to feel monotonous and you lose interest in working out. This chain of events has caused millions of people to quit. If you feel yourself falling into a rut, a workout partner can pull you out and keep you from getting bored.

Everything is more exciting with a friend, whether it’s going to work or going to the gym. The right training partner will make you laugh, brighten your day and make a boring workout feel exciting again. As previously mentioned, they can also encourage you to try new things and enhance your routine, ensuring that you never have a dull workout.

5.     Makes Exercising Safer

Finally, working out with a partner makes for a much safer training environment. You always have someone to monitor your technique and make sure you’re performing each exercise correctly. If you like to use free weights, a partner can give you a “spot” when you’re lifting heavy on movements like the bench press.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine has confirmed that lifting weights with a partner decreases the risk of injury and maximizes training safety. There is also safety in numbers when it comes to outdoor activities, such as running and cycling. If you’re trying to navigate public roads, traveling with a group is usually the wiser choice.

Put Your Trust in a Workout Partner

Although there’s nothing wrong with taking the solo approach, fitness enthusiasts can greatly enhance their training experience by working out with a partner. You can feel less anxious and more motivated, gain new insights to enhance your program and train in a much safer environment.

Put your trust in a workout partner and experience these benefits for yourself!