Locally-owned A Beautiful You is one of the longest-standing medical spas in Memphis and continues to bring to the area the latest in beauty technologies with their addition of EMFace Skin Tightening and Lifting. 

Run by husband and wife duo JL and Lorrie Fisk, the business prides itself on understanding the skin and body needs of the Memphis market. 

“We have different lasers for all skin types and technologies for each service; this is not a one-size fits all place,” says Lorrie. “We want to give you the most customizable treatment you can get.” 

The full-service medical spa offers numerous non-surgical treatments, including laser hair removal, body contouring, microneedling, hydra facials, MiraDry Permanent Sweat Reduction, chemical peels, injectables, and more. 

“We service all ages, from 18-year-olds suffering from acne and unwanted facial hair to all those seeking to slow down father time,” explains JL. “This is kind of an ageless thing.” 

A Beautiful You is now offering exclusively in Memphis an industry game changer with the EMFace procedure, a new device that can treat facial muscles and tighten skin at the same time. 

Using electric fields emitted simultaneously with radio frequency to rebuild muscle tone and reduce wrinkles, it also restores bone density and skeletal connective tissues for a natural facelift. It’s like a workout for your face. 

The three-applicator device stimulates the elastic fibers in collagen to lift the cheeks and put the fat pads back into place, which naturally droop as we age, as well as those in your forehead and other facial wrinkles. 

By selectively contracting muscles in your facial tissue, it increases their quality and density. 

The no-hassle, side-effect-free procedure only takes about 20 minutes and feels like a hot stone massage. 

“This is a great alternative to fillers and toxins. It’s all-natural and has no needles. The recommended treatment is between 4-6 consecutive sessions once per week, with the option for annual per-decade treatment maintenance plans. 

Clients can expect the highest levels of service from this A+-rated establishment. With their impressive employee retention average of 10-12+ years, A Beautiful You’s staff has all been extensively trained and is deeply invested in the care and well-being of every client. 

“We love and have fun with our staff- the key to our success is how much of a team and family we all are,” JL comments. 

Being 18 years in the industry gives more than just seniority to the power couple. 

“We’ve grown with the industry, tested a lot of different technologies to recognize the best manufacturers, and we only invest in the top companies in our industry.” 

At their core, however, lies a passion for helping people build confidence by fixing slight imperfections that may affect their self-esteem. 

“When we know people are walking out of here and we’ve made that much of a difference in their lives—that is why we do this.” 

For more information, call 901.683.8220 or visit Abeautifulyoumedicalspa.com. IG: abeautifulyoumedicalspa

By Shlomit Ovadia