Dr. Daniel Bird is revolutionizing the dental office experience.

Crosstown Concourse has become a vibrant center for innovation in both health care and the arts. After Dr. Daniel Bird sold his traditional dental practice in West Memphis, Ark., he decided Crosstown Concourse was where he belonged. “I knew it would work for me because I wanted to build a new practice from scratch and do things differently,” he says. Crosstown Dental Group has been growing quickly since it opened in September 2017.

One of the most distinctive facets of this practice is its use of state-of-the-art imaging technology for restorative dentistry. Not only did Dr. Bird invest in a CEREC Machine, which eliminates the need for dental impressions and temporary crowns, but he also built an on-site manufacturing lab.

“We’re able to get matches in shape and color that are amazing,” he says. “The computer is smart enough to scan the tooth beside the one we’re restoring.”

While other dentists take images or impressions and then send the specs out for fulfillment, Crosstown’s in-house technicians are usually able to finish the job in about an hour. “Nobody else in Memphis does this,” he says.

Once the techs have the specs, Dr. Baird gives his patient a special Crosstown gift card and sends them off to enjoy their choice of amenities “They don’t have to sit in a chair. They can have ice cream or coffee, get lunch, or treat themselves to a manicure, on me. I text them when their crown is ready.”

He says, “A patient came in at 9 am, and all his upper teeth were bad. He either needed dentures or crowns. I prepared 14 teeth this morning and sent him to lunch. He came back from lunch and left with a new smile.”

Though this turnaround time has gotten rave reviews from patients, Dr. Bird continues to raise the bar.

“Everyone knows they should floss and brush their teeth 2-3 times per day,” he says. “Most people do that, but they still don’t like going to the dentist.”

That negative perception inspired him to revolutionize his appointment experience.

“We don’t have a waiting room. No magazines or paperwork,” he says. “Patients submit their forms on their smartphones, sign in with our coordinator at our kiosk, and then go directly to a treatment room. Our patients take time off work to be here, and we need to respect that.”

The facility is set up on a cart system that allows patients to remain in one place during the entire appointment process. “We’re equipped to do anything, in any room, at any time,” Dr. Bird explains.

Other revisions to the office atmosphere include upbeat music to cover the sound of equipment and a dash of aromatherapy to mask the medical smell. Crosstown Dental Group accepts most major plans and offers an affordable “Smile Club” option for those without insurance.

“Dentistry is expensive and uncomfortable,” Dr. Bird admits. “But we’re committed to making it a much better experience. When someone gets a new smile, they give you a hug. You don’t get that in every line of work.”

Dr. Daniel Bird, is the owner of Crosstown Dental Group. To make an appointment, call 901.881.1234 or visit Crosstowndentist.com

By Caroline Sposto