31; Studio Manager & Coach at Orangetheory Fitness Lakeland 

HOMETOWN: Memphis, TN. 

I LOVE RUNNING: When I run, I’m in the zone! I don’t see anything but the road in front of me, and I don’t think about anything but putting one foot in front of the other and getting across that finish line as fast as possible! 

BUCKET LIST: First, I want to run a 5K in under 19 minutes. Then, I’d like to try some version of a triathlon! 

UP NEXT: Memphis Road Race Series and St. Jude in December. 

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Orangetheory’s DriTri is a 2000m row, 300 exercise reps, and a 5K. My best time is 33:15. 

MY GROUP: I’m a Memphis Hash House Harriers Running Club member. 

FAVORITE JAMS: I don’t run with music, but my pre-race pump-up song is “Peanut Butter Jelly” by Galantis. 

RECENT RACES: At the St. Jude 10K, I placed third for females ages 30-34. Harbor Town 5K, I was first place and Zoom Through the Zoo second place, both for overall female categories. Donuts & Dogs 5 Miler, I was first in the 12 Donut category, and in the Memphis Off Road Race Series, I was first for females ages 31-35. 

MOST MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: I did a 5K where I was the first female to cross the finish line. As I reached the last stretch, everyone cheered, saying, “Yeah, first female! Girl Power!” It was empowering to have so many people notice and care about a girl in the front of the pack! 

BINGE-WATCHING: Love is Blind 

BEST EATS: Hog & Hominy! I love their Thunderbird Forty Twice pizza and an espresso martini for dessert! 

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: Miley Cyrus! She’d be a good time! 

GO-TO GEAR: Gotta run in my Brooks and Lock Laces! I don’t want to have to stop and tie a shoe! 

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: Before I got into running, I was a professional competitive ballroom dancer. I needed something to fuel my competitive spirit when I stepped out of that world. Some friends invited me to run a casual 5K, and I placed. So I started running more races, kept placing well, and it didn’t take me long to realize this was my new sport. I’ve also found a great group of supporting friends at Orangetheory! 

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: “The Inmate” by Freida McFadden 

FAV INDULGENCE: I always eat Uncrustables as a pre/post-race snack. 

QUOTE: “The magic happens OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.” – unknown 

Photo by Tindall Stephens