30; Entrepreneur/Personal Stylist 

I LOVE CYCLING: I absolutely love the community. It brought my best friends and cheerleaders and kept me going through hard times. My husband introduced me to the community, and then we became a permanent part of it when my husband opened our bike and coffee shop in Cordova — the Latting Speed Shop. 

BUCKET LIST: I’d like to compete and finish an endurance gravel race over 100 miles. 

UP NEXT: I am thinking of doing the Mississippi Gravel Cup again, and then She to Sea departs on March 16, 2024. 

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: She to Sea. I’m one of nine She to Sea team founders, an over 500-mile ride in five days from Germantown, TN, to Seagrove Beach, FL, benefitting West Cancer Foundation. 

HOMETOWN: Memphis, TN 

SPEED BUMPS: I was dealing with extreme anxiety when I began cycling. Finding the women’s cycling community helped get me through it and heal. Not only is exercise good for your mental health and a way to get out the built-up tension, but it also provides a way to create relationships that can last a lifetime. I owned a business for over six years, and cycling helped me through all the hardships, stress, and anxieties. 

MY GROUP: I participate in many Latting Speed Shop and Memphis Hightailer rides, but I typically ride with my fellow women riders or my husband. 

RECENT RACES: I recently raced the Big Sugar 50 miler and came in sixth in my age group. 

MOST MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: The Mississippi Gravel Cup in 2021, where I got third overall in the series. I remember feeling really strong in the fourth race and could tell all the training my coach had been prepping me with was working. 

BEST EATS: El Mezcal with an order of cheese dip, a side order of rice, and a beef hard taco with a frozen sangria margarita. 

GO-TO GEAR: I love a killer kit. Pas Normal Studios and MAAP have become my favorite brands! I also love a good pair of cycling glasses. 

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: I’ve been active my whole life, but I love to be able to continue to age feeling good – taking care of the body and mind that gets me through every day. I also love just having fun. Playing indoor soccer, going on a gravel ride with the girls, or taking a walk around Patriot Lake are things I look forward to weekly. 

Photo by Tindall Stephens