Exercising with your partner not only increases the fun factor, but it also strengthens your relationship. Before indulging in a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with your plus one, burn some calories together by completing this full-body Partner Circuit and Cardio workout! 

Plank Pull 

(equipment: hand towel) 
Get into a high plank position facing one another. Each person uses their right hand to hold the hand towel. Pull the towel back and forth 15 times, creating resistance while staying in plank position. Then switch the towel to your left hands and complete 15 more resistance pulls. Remember to make sure your shoulders are over your wrists and you are engaging your core. 

Partner Sit-ups with Punches 

(equipment: 5 lb dumbbells are optional) 
Both partners sit facing one another. Partner One does a sit-up and cross punches once with each hand, gently tapping the open palms of Partner Two seated in front. After completing 20 reps, switch positions for 20 reps for Partner Two. The exercise can be done holding dumbbells in each hand to increase difficulty. 

Wall Sit and Tricep Dips 

One partner goes into a 90-degree wall sit. The other person performs a tricep dip with their hands on their partner’s thighs. Perform 20 tricep dips while the other person holds the wall sit, then switch and repeat. 

Squat Hop High Five 

Partners face one another standing with legs shoulder-width apart. In unison, both partners lower into a squat then hop straight up giving each other a double high five. Perform 15-20 reps. Remember to use proper form, sitting back and making sure knees are not going out over toes. 

Cardio Burst 

(equipment: treadmill) 
Partners alternate running or sprinting every quarter-mile at their desired speed with no incline. Switch places every quarter-mile for a total of two to four miles. If you are competitive, this workout will burn serious calories as you try to complete your quarters faster than your Valentine! 

Mary-Marsha Riley is a certified personal trainer, attorney, and pageant coach. For more information visit Wellhousefitness.com