These experts share their favorite ways to train at home.

Morgan Schulte, Dietitian/Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor at Orangetheory, former NBA Grizz Girl 

My Faves: Large exercise ball, jump rope, kettlebell 
Best budget picks: Resistance bands, a set of light or medium-weight dumbbells, medicine ball
If you can splurge: Treadmill, TRX Suspension Trainer 
For large spaces: Make sure you have an area where you can jump and move around as well as an area with a mat to do exercises on the floor. This will ensure that you can do more dynamic, athletic movements, and also exercises on the ground like push-ups, core work, etc. For a challenge, you can set up an “obstacle course” and make stations with different exercises to complete!
For Small Spaces: Keep it simple. Remember you don’t need a lot of space to do an effective workout! Any carpeted area in your home could be used for most exercises. If all you have is a yoga mat, you can do all bodyweight exercises. I would start with that, and maybe a few dumbbells.
If I could only buy 1 thing: TRX Suspension Trainer because you can do so much with it!
Go-To Jam Song: “Get Me Bodied”—Beyoncé

Todd Hinton, Director of Health and Fitness at OLEC & Fitness Trainer

My Faves: Assault bike, barbell, and pull-up bar
Best budget picks: Kettlebell, resistance band, and ab wheel
If you can splurge: Power rack and Assault AirRunner
For large spaces: First put down rubber flooring. Buy a multi-use rack and at least one cardio piece.
If I could only buy 1 thing: Barbell with plates because it has the most function: push, pull, and squat
Go-To Jam Song: “Take What You Want”—Post Malone

Judy Oros, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor 

My Faves: Kettlebells, dumbbells, and battle ropes (gets your heart rate up and they are so good for arms and core)
Best budget picks: Resistance bands, Bosu Ball, medicine ball
If you can splurge: Concept2 Rower (it can go anywhere and easily moves around), bench, barbell and rack
For any size space: If you buy too much, it will be cluttered and you can’t move around efficiently. Don’t buy equipment that is too trendy. You will use it once or twice and then never again. Stick to the basics. Think functional and quality—not too cheap but not too expensive either.
If I could only buy 1 thing: TRX—you can attach it to anything (even a tree), and its all bodyweight exercises! 
Go-To Jams: Creedence ClearWater, The Spinners, Johnny Cash

Khalid Al-Ahmad, Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor at The Kroc Center
My Faves: TRX Suspension Trainer, resistance tubes, yoga mat
Best budget picks: Dumbbells, exercise ball, kettlebell
If you can splurge: Functional trainer cable machine and Rower 
For large spaces: Purchase equipment that can be used for many compound movements (adjustable bench set, squat rack, or even dumbbells). Try and keep your space as open as possible with equipment around the walls of the room, so you can utilize your gym to its full potential and without being worried about equipment scattered everywhere.
For Small Spaces: Get equipment you know you will use often for multiple areas of the body. To avoid feeling cramped, purchase a storage rack or shelf for your essential equipment to create more room. And be aware so you don’t damage your surroundings or equipment.
If I could only buy 1 thing: A functional trainer cable machine gives you a total body workout. You can adjust the resistance very quickly and easily for any exercise you perform.
Go-To Jam Song: “Blank Space”—I Prevail

Beth Bush, Personal Trainer

My Faves: Plyo box (for box jumps), medicine ball, and a kettlebell
Best budget picks: Resistance bands, dumbbells, and a stability ball
If you can splurge: Rower
For large spaces: First I would recommend cleaning and removing any dust or dirt. Install Good rubber flooring. Slowly start to purchase equipment as you can afford it. 
For Small Spaces: Purchase basic equipment—think resistance bands, a couple sets of dumbbells, stability ball, jump rope, and yoga mat.
If I could only buy 1 thing:
Kettlebell. You can perform many exercises and they increase your endurance, core strength, and stamina. 
Go-To Jam Song: “The Pretender”—Foo Fighters