35; Sports Medicine Physician at Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics; Medical Director for Memphis St. Jude IronMan and Volunteer Physician for St. Jude Memphis Marathon 

I LOVE BODYBUILDING: I love the self-discipline required over time to reach a specific goal. It’s also been instrumental to my success in other parts of my life, both personally and professionally. 

BUCKET LIST: I’d love to attend a Mr. Olympia contest someday. Maybe I’d get to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger? 

UP NEXT: I hope to participate in a bodybuilding competition this spring. 

SPEED BUMPS: So far, I’ve avoided major injuries. I credit this to having a strong mind-body connection and listening to what my body says regarding how hard I should push myself during training. Overtraining is one of the biggest risk factors for injuries. 

FAVORITE JAMS: I listen to podcasts over music when I workout. It gives me time to catch up on news or sports topics. 

BINGE-WATCHING: I’m currently watching The Great British Baking Show. 

BEST EATS: Folk’s Folly. There’s nothing better than a massive filet and some of their fried pickles! 

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: Gordon Ramsey. I’m a huge fan of his cooking, and dining at his restaurants was amazing! Sadly he wasn’t there, but I’d love to sit there and have him yell at me during dinner. 

GO-TO GEAR: A good pair of headphones that allows me to cancel out all the distractions around me. I like to workout alone, and that time allows me to recenter myself and focus on the task at hand. 

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: The drive to constantly better yourself is a motivating factor for me. Being physically fit also helps improve my mental well-being, which is huge. 

PET PEEVE: When people don’t put their weights back after using them, or when someone finishes a set with a machine and then sits there on their phone, not sharing it. 

FAV INDULGENCE: I do a cheat day on Saturday. I eat anything and everything I want. It makes the diet I follow the rest of the week tolerable. 

QUOTE: “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”- unknown 


Photo by Daniel Scruggs