These 10 moves can be done without or with equipment to up the intensity. Roll out your yoga mat, or find a comfortable area of carpet to get started.

Cardio warm-up:

  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 25 plank jacks 

Do 2–3 rounds of the following exercises. To make it harder, do the cardio warm-up between each round!

1. Kneeling Twist (10–16 reps)

  • Kneel on the floor and cross your arms in front of your chest.
  • Use your R arm to reach behind your body and touch your left heel
  • Alternate on the L side, and repeat

2. Leaning Triangle Pose (10–16 reps)

  • Stand with your legs wide and your arms open and parallel to the ground
  • Tip over to the R side, keeping your arms straight and reaching toward your ankle
  • Alternate on the L side, and repeat
  • Up the intensity by holding a broom or golf club at the base of the back of your neck

3. Chop Squat (5–8 reps per side)

  • Lower into a squat with your knees hip-distance apart and your hands clasped together on the L side of your body 
  • Lift out the squat, bringing your hands across your body and twisting above your R shoulder
  • Lower into the starting position
  • Up the intensity by holding a medicine ball and hand weight

4. Push-up with Arm Lift (10–16 reps)

  • Perform a regular push-up
  • At the top of the push-up, lift one arm straight ahead so it’s parallel to the ground
  • Alternate arms
  • For an easier modification, do the push-ups on your knees

5. Single Leg Squat Sit (5–8 reps per side)

  • Arrange a chair next to a wall, or find a broom or golf club for balance
  • Stand in front of the chair with one knee lifted into a 90° angle
  • While holding on to something for balance, sit back into the chair using the standing leg. Keep your other leg hovering above the ground
  • Sit back up from the chair without putting your other leg down
  • To up the challenge, try without holding on to something for balance

6. Tricep Push-ups (10–20 reps)

  • Prepare by going into a push-up position on your knees with hands shoulder-distance apart
  • Keep your elbows tucked into the sides of your body while you lower down and lift up

7. Open Book Twist (10–16 reps)

  • Kneel down on your elbows and knees with a flat back
  • Place your L hand on your head and twist open to your L side with your L elbow in the air
  • Alternate arms, and repeat

8. Single Leg Deadlift (5–8 reps per side)

  • Stand up straight, holding on to a wall or broom or golf club for balance on your L side
  • Lower your torso so it’s parallel with the ground, while kicking your R leg back, trying to keep your body in a straight line
  • Return to standing
  • To up the challenge, put your hands on your hips to test your balance

9. Knee-to-Elbow Planks (10–16 reps)

  • Hold a plank on your forearms with your feet close together
  • Bend your R knee and bring it along the side of your body towards your R elbow
  • Alternate sides, and repeat

10. Lunge and Twist (5–8 reps per side)

  • Stand with your R leg forward and your L leg back, ready to lower into a lunge
  • Keep your arms lifted above your head
  • Lower into a lunge. At the bottom, twist your torso to the right side
  • Lift back up and repeat
  • To up the intensity, hold a broom or golf club between your hands as you lift, lower, and twist

Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, Metagenics FLT, is the owner and Director of Training at Energy Fitness Personal Training Studio. For more information call 901.466.6242 or visit