By Lucy Modzelewski 

It’s that time of year again! The New Year has officially arrived, and with it, an influx of folks looking to start 2023 off right by prioritizing their wellness. Taking action to improve our health, fitness, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness all fall into wellness, a booming market. A recent McKinsey report indicates it is now a $1.5 trillion market, and it’s growing by 5 to 10 percent each year. 

We analyzed Google search trends, 2022 viral wellness moments, and input from experts to come up with our predictions for 2023 wellness trends. 


As we all seek to improve our mental and physical health, we predict wellness enthusiasts will kill two birds with one stone with an increased focus on breathwork in 2023. Another trend that saw growth in the latter half of 2022 at a 50% rise in interest, according to Google Trends, breathwork can improve your mental and physical well-being. Local resources like Symmetry here in Memphis are a great starting point to get into the practice of breathwork. 


The damp lifestyle, a term originally coined by TikTok user Hana Danly, refers to operating somewhere in between sobriety and heavy drinking. “Damp lifestyle” videos gained popularity amongst Gen Z on TikTok in the latter half of this year as this generation explored reevaluating their relationship with alcohol and rejecting the normalization of binge drinking. With the rise of zero-proof options like Drink Monday and Ritual Zero, we expect to see mocktails and “sober curious” continue to dominate in 2023. 


The last couple of years have been all about 10-step skincare routines and an abundance of celebrity and influencer skincare lines, and experts say the skincare industry is getting oversaturated and burnt out as a result. This isn’t to say that skincare enthusiasts will stop investing in high-end, scientifically-proven products, but rather that 2023 skincare will be all about quality versus quantity. Beauty influencer and skincare expert Sarah Palmyra was one of the first people in the space to predict that we’ll see a shift from 10-step routines to more accessible and practical three-to-five step routines in 2023. 


Cycle syncing is the practice of changing your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits to align with the stages of your menstrual cycle. The idea is that by changing these factors during each stage of your cycle, you can meet your body’s hormonal needs. Cycle syncing first gained search traction in 2020 and is still growing, with a 153% year-over-year increase and an average of 8,000 monthly searches in the U.S. We have a fantastic local expert in the 901, women’s health coach Audrey S. Geyer, who can help you kickstart cycle syncing in 2023! 


We’re leaving the “no days off” mentality in 2022. Rest and recovery are crucial for letting your body heal post-workout. After all, you must allow your muscles to repair themselves and engage muscles sore from your workout. From heat and ice to float tanks to sweat tubes, the options are endless for taking care of your body after a grueling workout. 


With more than 93.4 million views on the #75softchallenge on TikTok and a 124.4% increase in search volume in 2022, we anticipate this more approachable take on the 75 Hard Challenge will be everywhere in 2023. The 75 Soft Challenge is a more wellness-focused version of the 75 Hard Challenge and involves moving your body for 45 minutes each day, eating well, drinking a gallon of water daily, and reading 10 pages of a book each day.